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VR6 definitive hair EVOLUTION is the NEW food supplement 100% natural, as an improved formula of the VR6 Definitive Hair, which implies the newest and more complete product created to maintain the capillary health.

VR6 EVOLUTION is the first product that combines/groups for the first time all the NEW main natural assets recognized as effective to slow down the loss of hair. The vegetal extracts used are certified as the maximum purity through analysis made in labs and DNA sequencing. Made with and exclusive and original formula, VR6 EVOLUTION could be the ultimate solution for the capillary issues of men and women. VR6 EVOLUTION brings a concentrate of natural assets that guarantee the maximum benefits on the capillary recovery, and also the decrease of hair loss. This revolutionary product is for all those cases who are looking for a stronger hair, get back the thickness, the volume, the brightness, in addition of reducing the loss of hair and get back the vitality of weak and dead hair.

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Difference between VR6 Definitive and VR6 EVOLUTION


+90% proven effectiveness

VR6 EVOLUTION capsules is capable of getting more than 90% of efficiency, this percentage is taken from the results obtained by several scientific and clinical experiments in which were confirmed the benefits of each components as well as its action on the organism, and its an extrapolation of the results of the clinical experiments realized with VR Definitive Hair, showing the recovery of the capillary strength.

The use of VR EVOLUTION helps with efficiency to prevent hair weakness problems, giving a more shiny aspect to the hair. It is recommended for the care of a healthy hair by increasing the contribution of nutrients to the hair follicle


VR6 capsules is the only food supplement which confirms the purity of its composition through vegetal’s DNA experiment. Press release from the experiment of Lifesequencing about the DNA of Serenoa Repens.

- VR6 Definitive Hair only commercializes products that are approved and certified following the evaluation of botanical DNA. Study report of Lifesequencing relating to the interpretation of the DNA of Serenoa Repens

- Report that for the first time demonstrates the action mechanism of Serenoa Repens in the inhibition of 5-alfa-reductase and its main capacity of inhibition when similar quantities are used for mimicking the effects of dutasteride.
- Study Report of Biopolis about the inhibition of 5 alfa reductase.

- Given the presence of this extract in VR Definitive hair, it is very possible that the action of this extract about the reduction of production of 5-alfa-reductase is the reason of the positive effect of alopecia.
- Study of Biopolis about the effect of an extract of serenoa repens in the production of the enzyme 5 alfa reductase.

- Randomized clinical trial in order to evaluate the efficiency of a treatment composed by capsules nutricosmetics placebo controlled in the loss of hair treatment
- Complete report made by CTC (Centro de Tecnologia Capilar).

- Randomized clinical trial, placebo controlled and double blind in order to evaluate the efficiency of the food supplement VR6 for treating hair loss.
Complete report made by Quantum Experimental.

- Report of the results for the clinical trial in order to evaluate the efficiency of the capillary treatment: Magazine Estudio Clínico.

- Report concluding that VR6 EVOLUTION contributes to the maintenance of normal hair, to pigmentation of the hair and the normal synthesis of cysteine maintaining keratin from hair:

Report technical-scientific UCAM

Certificate of absence of gluten



ZINC:  The contribution of zinc in the correct protein metabolism would be especially relevant in the field of the capillary health in order to secure the correct synthesis of keratin and collagen, proteins which are forming parts of the structure of the hair, skin and nails.

BIOTIN: Symptoms of deficiency in biotin includes the weakness of the hair (less thickness) and progression until a total loss of hair. The contribution of biotin restores the normal growing after 1 or 2 month of deficiency.

CYSTINE: Its efficiency in the field of hair health as been proved in different

VITAMIN B6: It helps in the correct synthesis of cysteine, an amino acid that brings structure and resistance to keratin fibers. The lack of this vitamin is one of the main causes of hair loss.

SOY ISOFLAVONES: They favor the renewal of epidermal cells and stimulate the synthesis of collagen fibers and the epidermal elastin in order to get a better skin elasticity.

IRON: The lack of this mineral produces the hair loss, to men and women.

SERENOA REPENS EXTRACT: Various experiments point that this plants attacks to the roots the causes of hair loss as it inhibits the 5-alfa reductase.

PANTOTÉNICO (VITAMIN B5): The pantothenic acid has a wide list of use, including the improvement of alopecia

COPPER: A cause and effect relationship had been established between the ingestion dietetic of copper and the maintenance of the hair color.

VITAMINE E:  It works in coordination with other molecules and enzymes in the defense of the cells against the harmful effects produced by the free radicals, being currently an important antioxidant bringing potential benefits to the human organism.

QUERCUS ROBUR EXTRACT:  Inhibits the 5-alfa-reductase present in the sebaceous glands decreasing the secretion of fat in the hair.

VITIS VINIFERA EXTRACT:  It's a powerful antioxidant that acts on hair's papillary cells. The extract of Vitis Vinifera helps reducing the inflammation of hair follicle and diminishes the oxidative stress in the papillae.

Technical data

Certificate of absence of gluten


It's recommended to take 2 capsules with food, during at least 6 months.

The optimal treatment in order to get those results visible externally is estimated in 24-26 weeks, even though it depends of the particular conditions of each person.

It's possible to take VR6 EVOLUTION continuously or by cycles, combining the intake of the product during 24 weeks, with rest periods of 4 weeks, in order to maintain continuously all the healthy claims for the hair that this product brings.

The box contains 60 capsules.

The continuous use of VR6 EVOLUTION favors the growth of capillary volumeand also a better brilliance and vitality.

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