VR6 People

Those who have tried it say...

My experience with VR6 is wonderful, a great discovery. I recommend it to anyone who has had a hair loss, because of an upset or a pregnancy. It is super effective and I am very happy

María Jesús Hernández Sepulveda

Madrid, 33

VR6 is the best I've had in my life for hair, I recommend it without hesitation to all those people who may be having a hard time with hair loss, since the change in my hair has been spectacular

Jamaica Hernández Sepulveda

Madrid, 34

I have very thin hair and I have always had the feeling that I fell more than usual; I had tried countless products and they were all temporary. Years ago I heard a journalist's assessment of VR6 capsules and hallucinated with the result. Everyone who knows me noticed the change; in fact there were several coworkers who did the treatment as well. Now I have a time of high stress, and it has been reflected in my hair. I have not hesitated to restart taking capsules; I've been two months and I've started to notice the effects. In addition I filled the iron tanks! I can not ask for more".

María José Gonçalves Ramada

Barcelona, 43

I met VR6 through a radio program, in which I won the treatment for 6 months in capsules. I have always lost my hair, a lot, leading to many treatments without successful results. However with VR6, if you clearly notice decreased hair loss. I managed to leave my hair long, which I had not previously been able to do because I was keeping it short on my shoulders to get a homogeneous hair. I have continued using it.


Valencia, 42

From the age of 60 I began to notice that my hair was much weaker, and it was falling progressively every time I washed or combed it; Concerned about the issue, I asked the house for advice and it was my son who recommended me the products of the brand since for years he uses them and is very happy with the result. I started using the shampoo and lotion of VR6 Definitive hair, and soon I noticed that the hair regained the strength of previous years, in addition to achieving a reduction in the fall. Months later my worry disappeared completely when I had strong, shiny and healthy hair; I also have to say that dandruff or trace. So today both products do not fail in my routine and it is that in addition to being effective they are very easy to apply and spread a lot .

Francisco Veguer Cintero

Valencia, 62

I've been using VR6 whenever I notice weak hair, especially when summer ends and autumn begins in the changing seasons, the VR6 capsules make you notice a change in the hair from the first moment, because of my experience with the capsules it is 100% success, thanks VR6 .

Mari Carmen García Muñoz

Valencia, 48

I have been swimming for 30 years, I am almost a mermaid, and I think that wearing the swimming cap I was losing a lot of hair, every time I was washing I filled the drain of hairs and was very worried, I started taking Vr6 evolution and I noticed their effects right away, I no longer dropped my hair, and I have even noticed it with more quantity, and look how pretty hair I have. Thank you very much for getting those wonderful effects.

Maria Luisa Martín

Madrid, 56

I started taking VR6 to strengthen my hair, and the truth is that I was pleasantly surprised. From the third month on, notice the hair much stronger, healthier and brighter. I have tried countless treatments, and I have never achieved such a good result as VR6. So I am recommending it to family, and friends, because they really deliver what they promise. Thank you

Antonio Arostegui


8 months ago I started taking the vr6 capsules. Since then I notice that my hair is much stronger, beautiful and shiny. I never thought that a product like this would give my hair so much life. Thanks vr6!

Eva Guillén Hernández


Although I have always felt fortunate to have healthy hair, I began to notice changes that deserved attention, to prevent it from weakening further. With VR6 shampoo, it is very noticeable how it is strengthening. I feel very satisfied

Gaèlia Hernández García


My hair was very weakened by the hairdressing products and I began to notice the loss of a lot of hair. I have been taking VR6 Evolution capsules for a few months and the fall has stopped me in my tracks, besides the hair is no longer weak, it has gained strength. I recommend it a lot!

Joana Hernández García, 63


I started taking the Vr6 capsules because my hair was beginning to fall, it worked very well since my hair stopped falling. Then I wanted to use the shampoo to have much brighter and more alive hair thanks to its natural active ingredients, and now the whole family uses it

Rafael Guillén Manera


I started using the VR6 shampoo 6 months ago because I had very weak and dull hair and these noticing incredible results. I notice that my hair is stronger and brighter. I will definitely continue using it.

Cristina Soler Dominguez

Banyoles, 26

We, for hormonal problems, have been seeing for a long time that we were losing more hair than usual. We decided to try the shampoo, conditioner and serum of VR6 without much faith, since the rest of products that we tried, none of us worked. To our surprise, ua! since the first application we realized that the fall was decreasing, that the Hair was soft and very bright. Now it's the shampoo we use all the family!!

Carlos Pérez Vila

Manlleu, 45

I started using VR6 about 5 years ago because my hair started to fall out due to emotional problems. I combined the capsules and the shampoo and they went very well: my hair stopped falling, I started to see it stronger and with more.

Marisa García Sánchez

Asturias, 56

My hair fell a lot because I have iron anemia and then a friend recommended VR6 Definitive Hair and I started using the shampoo. Despite the fact that the water in the area where I live leaves my hair very rough, after fifteen days I started to notice that my hair was softer, brushing it did not give me jerks and I fell a lot less

Susana García López

Valencia, 44

About three months ago I am using the VR6 Anti-hair Loss Lotion and I started doing it because I had a lot of fall, it always happens to me in the seasons of seasonal hair loss. Now I notice that I fall much less and I notice it brighter and stronger.

Maria Teresa García

Guipuzcoa, 43

I have very fine hair and last year as a result of an operation and because of all the stress I had before and after the operation, I noticed very poor hair, so I took the VR6 capsules for a while and I started to see that the hair shone more, I see it with more strength, thicker and I grow faster, which I see more hair.

Francisca Trias Torrens

Palma de Mallorca, 46

My daughter, my son and I have been using the shampoo, mask and professional brush VR6. My daughter loves it brush, brush your hair at all times !. I used to fall a lot the hair and I have it very fine and that's why we started using the products VR6. Now we notice the hair stronger and our hair falls out less. I I'm also noticing that I grow more and that I wash my hair daily.

Paula Brizuela

León, 49

Six months ago I started taking the capsules and using the shampoo because my hair fell out due to a thyroid problem. I have noticed a lot of improvement with the pills and I notice that, despite being autumn, my hair does not fall off during the fall. I'm very happy.

Nagore Arostegui Rojo

Bilbao, 43

I've been using VR6 Definitive Hair for a year, I take the capsules and I use the professional VR6 shampoo, lotion and brush. I started using it because my hair fell a lot due to stress and my own constitution. Now I have thicker hair, I grow more and faster, and I have also noticed that my nails are harder.

Barcelona, 39

For about three months I have been using the VR6 Definitive Hair shampoo, mask and capsules because I noticed that my hair fell out a lot. When I took off my shirt, I found it full of hair. My hair falls out due to stress and although the stress has not disappeared, what I have noticed is that with the VR6 products I have noticed a lot of improvement: my hair falls a lot less and I notice it with more volume and shine

María Jesús García Redrado

Barcelona, 39

I have anemia and my hair fell a lot, and also with the hair dyes I also noticed that I fell a lot. I started using the VR6 Shampoo and VR6 Mask and I have noticed that my hair falls a lot less, the shampoo leaves it with a lot of shine and has a very good smell, the mask also leaves it very soft. I like them very much.

Rafi Montavez Jiménez

Jaén, 33

I have been taking VR6 capsules for years, I started taking them because I noticed very weak hair, without form or body and I tried other brands that did not do anything to me. When I started taking the VR6 capsules I noticed a lot of difference, I find them great because now I notice the hair with more strength and shine, I love them. I take the treatment once a year and I'm doing great, my hair has improved a lot, much more than with other brands.

Maite Sevilla del Pozo

Madrid, 56

I started using the shampoo and the mask because I like to take care of my hair and because I have it very thin and without volume. I am also very nervous and my hair fell a lot. Since I use VR6 I have more volume hair, I notice it more beautiful, with more shine and I drop much less than before.

Mari Angeles Cristobal Navarro

Sevilla, 51

I started a few years ago because when I got divorced my hair began to lose a lot of stress and when I started taking the VR6 cells I stopped falling and the hair that I had lost came back. It is a very effective product and now I see my hair with more shine and life and the tips that were always very open for having curly hair I also have them perfectly

Piedad Duque

Zaragoza, 60

After having a second daughter, my hair began to fall a lot and that's why I decided to take the VR6 capsules and it went very well, I started noticing my hair harder and I started to drop. Also, since I am taking VR6, I notice the hair grows much more than before, it is stronger and I see more hair. I can say that after I fell so much after the birth I am now recovered

Noelia Guerrero Gómez

Elche, Alicante, 37

I started using the VR6 treatment about six months ago because, although I am 55 years old, for 10 I am with premenopause and I attribute this hair loss to hormonal disorder. I use the shampoo, the mask, the lotion and during the pills. I like VR6 products because they leave my hair well, they do not greasy me, and this is important for me because I have greasy, long and fine hair. Since I use VR6 I notice that my hair is stronger and with more body and volume and does not fall. I'm happy with the treatment because I also find it very comfortable because I apply it, I let it sink into my hair and when I clear it I notice more body.

Maria Eugenia Giron Les

Navarra, 55

I have done a three-month treatment with VR6, a short break and now I have taken it again because I notice very good results, it has slowed my hair loss and I notice it with more body, brighter and more noticeable, because of the roots, that It grows faster, it has reactivated the growth of my hair. I am happy because with the stress and after the pregnancy my hair fell out in strands and now I have found a solution.

Alicia Pozo García

Valladolid, 40

I started taking the VR6 capsules because, by genetics, I started I noticed that he had the prominent entrances and a little bald. I have taken for 3 months and I've noticed that my hair has gotten more strong, I have grown more and I have noticed it with more vitality.

Pedro Jesús Lanchas Moreno

Alicante, 36

Some time ago I began to notice the effects of early menopause and it has affected the skin and especially the hair, also in October I had a pretty big upset and, between one thing and the other began to notice that my hair was falling a lot, to the point of plugging the drain of the bathtub. That's why I started using the VR6 anti-fall mask and since then the fall has slowed down and I notice the hair with more body.

Ana Alonso Corral

Palencia, 50

I have always had a lot of hair, because I am a very very nervous person and in situations of stress and changes of It gets worse for me. But it is true that since I have the menopause (I got very young, 42 years old) I fall more. I was falling to the point that I was worried about clogging the shower of the amount of hair that fell out. Now I have been testing the lotion for two months and also I have started with the shampoo and I have reinforced the effect of the treatment. For the little time I have been there, I am very happy because I have been reduced 75% hair loss. I have noticed that when it comes to washing my hair I much less.

Eugenia Miranda García

Sevilla, 46

I've been taking capsules for two seasons VR6 Definitive Hair and using lotion and shampoo every other day because I have very hair Fine and always after the summer my hair falls a lot. Now, perhaps because of age it has become more accentuated and the truth is that I I notice the hair with more leafiness, volume and the fall has been reduced a lot.

Irene Aragón Ruíz

Chiclana de la frontera Cadiz, 34

A year ago my hair began to fall out due to stress and I began to see it off. So I started taking the VR6 capsules and using the anti-fall shampoo VR6. To the second box I began to notice the results, now I notice the hair with more shine, volume and I grow much more ... I'm still stressed but thanks to the capsules and the shampoo I have recovered my hair

Ana Morcillo

Fuenmayor - La Rioja, 51

Years ago I had a stress problem and my hair began to fall a lot and now, when the weather changes, from September to October I use the VR6 Definitive Hair lotion and shampoo. The lotion seems to me to have a phenomenal and easy to use dosage because it is directly applied to the hair, it is also applied to the hair without leaving it dirty, because it leaves no residue in the hair and does not smell, which I like. I have tried many products that have not worked for me and that's why I stopped using them. With the second bottle of the VR6 lotion I began to notice the hair with less fall, it is more vital and with a little more shine. I stay with VR6 because if it works.

Marisa Pérez González

Navarra, 38

I take the VR6 Definitive Hair capsules because I have thyroid and It affects me hormones. This makes my hair fall out a lot. I started losing hair in a way that was not normal and the doctor I prescribed other pills and saw that the VR6 pills were the most complete. The I bought them and I took them for three months and it shows me a lot because my hair fell a lot every time I washed my hair and now it Normal falls and with taking two boxes I was very good. Until the hairdresser notes it with more quantity, strong and dense.

Adelaida Rodríguez Alvarez

Sevilla, 30

A few months ago I started using the VR6 lotion Definitive Hair because it always happens to me in the spring months and Autumn my hair falls a lot and when I wash it I get to fall some important stump Since I use VR6 I notice that it falls a lot less.

Ana Isabel Sastre Guevara

Santa Cruz de bezana, 59

I take about three months using the VR6 capsules because I my hair was very thin and I also noticed that it was very thin and lifeless. I saw a VR6 social networking ad and a family member I told you about problem also recommended me, since he was using it and he was doing very well, too. Changes I have noticed many ... After a month taking it, I began to see that the fall was decreasing, and I noticed more shine and strength in hair. After only three months, I have only I fall, and my hair has shine and volume. The VR6 capsules have charmed.

Jazmín Jesús García Saucedo

34, Chiclana de la Frontera

I have been using hair loss lotion since 3 months since I began to notice that my for every day weaker and with less strength and shine After trying several products without result, my son recommended to try some of the reviews and I decided on the lotion since an it worked beautifully. He applies every night since the beginning and I am delighted, within a few weeks I started to notice a major change in my hair; the hair that fell was smaller and the same was gradually creating more strongly, noticing it with more health even brightness. One day today and thanks to you I can say that the Hair loss is no longer a problem; my hair better than ever I can feel good again with myself For that reason throughout this time is important as I care about your hair health.


62, Valéncia

After going through a personal streak I started to notice that my hair fell far more than normal. My mother-in-law advised me. take the VR6 Definitive Hair capsules, since they have always had her run wonderfully, and what she says goes to Mass. Today I am more than satisfied with the results: not only do I fall so much, otherwise it grows stronger and brighter

Juan Luis Hidalgo Pérez

47, Málaga

I have been taking the VR6 capsules for six months and now I'm at rest I started taking them because I had been going for a while noting that the area of ​​the entrances I fell a lot of hair and he began to have calvary pieces. I'm happy because with only six months I'm noticing that I grow more hair, I do not fall so much and I I notice it stronger.

Sandra De Paz Alvarez

34, Barcelona

After having the small I noticed that my hair fell more than the count, that had less strength and shine. My pharmacist recommended the VR6 Definitive Hair Shampoo and Anti-Vite Face Mask. It was to begin to use them, and in a very short time, to notice that they were getting less and less hair in the brush and that it grew to me with more force and shine. Since then I have not stopped using them, since there is very little amount of product and the boats last a long time, which I have not noticed in my pocket.

Teresita Baños Peña

46, Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona

I took capsules for four years, at that time I had Problem of hair by stress, nerves and I was practically staying bald spot. I started to try the capsules because I like long hair and I saw that it did not grow to me. In the shower and when it comes to brushing my hair I always dropped a lot. From the second month on I began to notice That I did not fall so much and the pigtail that made me was thicker. I also use the shampoo which is phenomenal, it works great, plus me I like it because it makes a lot of foam and with too little I have enough, so That I am very much. Now I see my hair is great, it has volume and I have A mane that has grown and I carry it almost by the waist. I'm very Happy

María Pilar Ruiz Arroyo

40, zaragoza

I am taking the VR6 capsules, I have three boxes, I started to take it because I have very fine hair and with little volume and I am falling a lot after having given birth and the chest. When I had my ponytail, before I became pregnant, the gum would give me a round because of the amount of hair I had and after the delivery, my hair has fallen so much that, the rubber, has come to give me three laps and I saw a very fine ponytail ... I have been taking the capsules for a very long time and I’m starting to notice that I have less hair.

Marcela Ulehla Mrazova

40, Guadalajara

I have been using the VR6 ANTI-STRESS SHAMPOO for about 10 months when I was recommended by a relative to tell him that I was noticing a great loss of hair every time I brushed or washed my hair. It was something that began to worry me since it had never happened before, and the shampoo I used at the time did not completely eliminate the dandruff I had temporarily and did not give me a completely satisfactory result. So I decided to try the VR6 shampoo just the day after the recommendation and until today I have not stopped using it since the result achieved with this one is spectacular, not only has it stopped the hair fall but also it gives me shine, smoothness and There is no trace of dandruff. Also, when I bought the shampoo I also discovered that VR6 had the VR6 DEFINITIVE HAIR capsules combinable with it, so I also bought them and I am delighted because apart from noting the above, I must point out that I have managed to have much more strength in my hair That before, I notice a faster growth and also are very easy to take and to incorporate in the routine. The VR6 capsules took them for 6 months and I do not rule out taking them again for their excellent result.



I take the treatment in capsules for 8 months, my brother Álvaro is 38 and I 36 by inheritance we saw that we were beginning to fall hair. He recommended me VR6, he told me that he had stopped quite the fall, so I started with the capsules and I noticed improvement: I fall much less hair in spring and autumn that is the time of fall, is stronger But especially with less fall.

Alejandro Bermúdez Cazorla

36, Cadiz

I first used Vr6 definitive hair evolution a couple of years ago and what I have noticed in my hair is that it has slowed me considerably the fall and my hair is stronger and dense. I have also tried the Vr6 Definitive Hair lotion, which is a hair regenerator, and my hair has gained more volume and vitality. I like to use both products at least 6 or 9 months a year because the results are durable and visible to the naked eye.

Pilar García Sánchez

43, Madrid

I have been taking the VR6 capsules for a month just because I have started to fall a lot of hair for menopause. I have very long hair and I lost a lot of volume. I used to collect hairballs from the shower and now I do not care. I'm happy because I've only been a month and I'm starting to notice results.

Marisa Martín Martínez

53, Vallecas, Madrid

The treatment took four months, after a break, before it had done for a year. Now I have taken the capsules again and I also use the VR6 fall-out shampoo. I started taking the pills because I was losing a lot of hair in the crown area, I found it also very weak, and the truth is that I notice a lot of improvement, and I feel the hair stronger.

Marco Antonio Lozano López

49, Valencia

I am currently taking the VR6 capsules and using my wife's VR6 anti-shampoo and face mask. I started using the treatment because I saw little hair and I see that now I have it stronger and I have grown some hair. I am very happy because I really see it working.

50, Madrid

I'm using the shampoo and taking the pills for six months or so. With age, I suddenly realized that my hair was getting thinner, working on the street, I was very sun-drenched and I saw it fatal. With the treatment VR6 I fall less and I have more thickness, more quantity, I am very happy.

Álvaro Bermúdez Cazorla

38, Chiclana de la frontera, Cadiz

I have been using the mask for 2 months and since the second week my hair does not fall off, I fall into piles and they told me that they were for childbirth, because in three years I had three pregnancies ... so I was told that I fell so much Hair due to hormonal changes. I wear long hair, around the waist and began to see that the fringe was balding me ... I went from locking the shower and the brush with which my hair fell and in two weeks I was stopped falling. Now my sister-in-law has told me that she sees that her hair is falling off and I have recommended it, I did not believe in these products for hair loss but I see that VR6 does work.

Raquel García Gutiérrez

31, Cartagena

I started a couple of years ago, I started to take the capsules because I saw that my hair fell more than normal, at that time I was with the studies, worked and also I separated ... I took the capsules during the months advised And the hair held me well, I did well, the fall disappeared. Then I continued to use it as a maintenance both capsules and shampoo ... I notice the hair stronger and brighter and as it has no contraindications as I use it as a complement

Juan Carlos Ordóñez

43, Barcelona

I started using the VR6 mask a couple of months ago, at first it was a little reluctant, since I did not think wearing a mask once a week could solve my hair loss problem, but now I’m very happy, since To control the fall take care of my hair and all in one step

Virginia Olivencia Martín

42, Almeria

My problem came in response to stress that with so many hours in active hair loss caused me, so for several months I trust the effectiveness of Definitive VR6. With this food supplement I noticed both my hair and nails stronger, it’s great!


34, Ciudad Real

I'm having a lot of hair volume, my wife says I have wild boar because I have long and very strong but because of a job change and people started seeing the much weaker hair, were I began to see clear. My wife started taking the pills VR6 and joined his initiative to see if it improved a little my hair. Now I see me much better, he is growing where it had clear and is even softer.

Carles López Zúñiga

29, Barcelona

Those who have tried it say...

I always have had very fine hair and I broke very easily. Then about three months ago I started having a lot of work and I had to change jobs, I guess the stress made my empezase to fall and began to notice much weaker than before and looked as if he had less amount of hair, I noticed that I was making clear in the scalp. I saw an offer of VR6 and took the opportunity and I started taking the pills. Now, just three months later, I noticed the hair more volume and less I like him. I am very happy, even has begun to take my husband.

Gisela Jimenez

29, Barcelona

A year and a half ago ordered a treatment of two boxes and it went very well. Now a few months ago I started to see that his head was as clapas, it was I beginning to lighten my curly hair. So I went back to ask capsules VR6 taking advantage of the offer and I'm very happy, my hair has grown me much more and has more volume. See if I'm happy with the results I've talked to my son and also be added to treatment with VR6

Mayte Molero

40, Barcelona

Take about three years before had problems of hair loss but with the pills I have seen that much hair loss stops, follow the treatment six months, then break two and then return, also use shampoo and I feel a lot of hair with vitality even people on the street tells me realise.

Luís Adán

40, Zaragoza

I took it for 6 months and after the fourth or fifth month I started to notice my hair was stronger, shinier and with more volume. I am very happy with this treatment because I feel my hair healthier and stronger.

Carlos Mir

36, Valencia

I am very happy with VR6, I don't know how to explain it, it's worked really well for me, my hair is stronger, I can feel it's healthier, and when touching it it's texture is more consistent.

Luisa María García

55, Guipuzkoa
Miriam Leon

The fifth month after starting the treatment I could already see my hair looked and felt much much better!! Now It really feels stronger, hair loss has virtually stopped, it shines much more and it even stays clean for longer!

Miriam León

31, Huelva

Miriam Leon

After recommending it to everybody, I decided to use it myself, even though I have good hair, to aliviate the damage of the sun, hair products, etc., and after a month and a half in the fall season, the hair loss stopped, and I could feel it in my eyelashes and nails too... we are all delighted.

Eva María Coutelenq

41, Madrid
Eva Arias González

After the first week of starting the treatment I started to notice that hair loss was stopping, and at week 4 the hair loss had stopped. It has changed my life!! It's very well spent money that I invested in my well being. I take the capsules everyday because they don't affect the rest of my body. Now even my sister is taking them since I recommended VR6 to her, she went to the pharmacy in El Corte Inglés and she couldn't be happier!!

Eva Arias González

33, Barcelona
Mari Cervera Hernández

I started the treatment a couple of years ago because my hair was falling and it had very little volume, and now I am super happy because I no longer find my hairs everywhere in the house, the bathroom is always clean and a lot more!! Moreover, when I started the treatment, I decided, at the same time, to grow my hair longer and, thanks to that, I could also notice that my hair was growing much faster and stronger. I am very happy because this turned out great for me, I no longer pick up hairs from the pillow, or my brush, I remember I used to spend quite a lot of time cleaning it.... hahaha

Mari Cervera Hernández

36, Granada
Luis Gerardo Adan Medina

I'm 40 and all members of my family have a lot of hair, but I've had times where I lost a lot of hair and lately it has started to bother me since I've noticed my receding hairline. That's why I started to take VR6 Definitive Capsules a year and a half ago and after the third month of treatment I started to notice that hair loss had almost stopped. So much that my coworkers noticed it and commented on my new hair, so I recommended VR6 to them.

Luis Gerardo Adan Medina

40, Zaragoza

I started to notice my hair was falling off, it was falling in bunches and I am very afraid of going bald, my hairline receading, so I started to take the treatment with the VR6 capsules and after 3 months it was incredible, with all the hair I was losing and then it stopped, it was just what I needed, it's a very positive product, i'm convinced. I recommended it even to my hairdresser, I told her I was taking these capsules and she said she'd recommend it to people with hair loss problems... I am super happy with VR6 and I share my experience with everyone because my hair is no longer falling, It is much shinier, alive, with volume... it's pretty amazing!!

Maria Carmen Baiget Ortega

40, Navarra

My problems with hair loss started when I was 20. Because of stress as well as genetics I lost a lot of hair. I tried different hair treatments, lotions, pills, etc. with no noticeable results. Until 2 years and a half ago my wife told me about this product. I tried it and, although I heard that it took six months to see results, I started to see them after the second month. During the first year not only did my hair loss stop, but new hairs were growing and covering some receding areas and making my hair thicker and with more volume. Apart from the capsules I'm also using the shampoo and foam, and I notice better results with those also. To sum up, I'm very happy with this treatment, I still use it following the usage tips from VR6 and I'm already recommending it to my close ones.

Ángel Rodriguez Diaz

Beatriz Flores González

I have been using VR6 Definitive Hair capsules for a year, because my hair started to fall considerably and I wanted to put a solution to that. Truth is, it's going really well, my hairdresser says it looks a lot stronger, with more volume and healthier.

Beatriz Flores González

43, Ciudad Real
Emilio Tejada García

I started to use it after I heard about it on the radio and I'm very happy with it, my hair loss has stopped 100%, even after I stopped the treatment for a few months and I noticed my hair started to fall again, so I followed the treatment for a year and a half more and my hair grows much faster and hair loss is at normal levels.

Emilio Tejada García

32, Granada

Marta Moya Naharro

I feel my hair is much stronger and it is not falling as it was before, I believe that after more months of treatment the effects will be incredible, since I am really happy with this product so far.... I imagine with a bit more time I will be more than happy!

Marta Moya Naharro

29, Valencia
Rebeca Montes Salido

I started the treatment a couple of years ago because my hair was falling off due to work stress, I heard about the capsules and I tried them just for the sake of it because I had tried many things before... after half the first box I started to notice results, hair loss decelerated quite a lot.

Rebeca Montes Salido

31, Málaga
Ia Jorge Morales

When it's exams period I get really nervous and stress causes my hair to fall massively, when I brush it it falls a lot and also in the shower. So my mother bought the VR6 Capsules because she heard they gave great results and after two months I felt my hair was much denser, much less hair was falling off and after the sixth month hair loss stopped completely.

Ia Jorge Morales

20, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
José Alberto Bayón

I started to use the capsules treatment from VR6 Definitive Hair for now 3 months since my hair was starting to fall a lot and, after searching a lot, I saw the VR6 commercial on the internet and social networks and I decided to try it. The truth is that for the very little time I've been taking it, I started noticing that my hair is getting way stronger.

José Alberto Bayón

41, Madrid

Marta Alameda Paredes

I've been take the capsules treatment of VR6 Definitive for 6 months now and from everything I tried, and there was a lot, those ones are the one that worked the best. I was loosing a lot of hair and since my daughter was born, now 8 years ago, my hair was falling more and more, it was the same for my sister, so we thought we would try it. We are now both of use, very happy with the result.

Marta Alameda Paredes

Paquita Alvarado Lucas

During these years my hair was falling a lot, I noticed it with poor volume and every time less quantity. I bought known products from the pharmacy which didn't work, I ended up going to the dermatologist and he gave me some medication which didn't made anything effect either. Nothing was stopping this hair loss and I didn't even know if it was something hormonal, stress or something like that. Then I heard about VR6 and I went to Corte Ingles and bought it, now I'm taking the capsules VR6 for two years, resting one month and now I keep taking them and they work so good, my hair loss stopped and I see it with more volume, the hair loss was radically stopped and I see it more strong, nothing to do with other treatments, including the ones from dermatologist. I'm very happy!

Paquita Alvarado Lucas

56, Alicante
Fernando Rol Rodríguez

It's been almost a year since I started to take the VR6 capsules because it started to become really thin and broke easily and I also had to take vitamins because of my iron defficiency anemia and seeing that this treatment also has vitamins, I thought this was the perfect choice for me so I could treat both problems at the same time, hair loss and iron. I've been taking two cycles of the treatment with its corresponding rest coinciding with autumn and it's going great. I feel my hair is thicker, it falls a lot less and with the vitamins, I feel that I'm less tired in general.

Fernando Rol Rodríguez

40, Asturias
María Reyes Lapuente

I started to take the treatment because my hair is very thin and weak, I noticed it was starting to fall a lot, and more during weather changes and also I always had problems with lack of iron. After 3 months I started noticing effects and now I see way more stronger, more thicker and areas of baldness disappeared after 6 month s of use, the change was such that all my friends and family asked me what I did to my hair. I'm very happy, I am because before starting taking the VR6 capsules, I tried a lot of things from pharmacies and nothing worked. Now I found something that works!

María Reyes Lapuente

50, Zaragoza

Maria Luisa Jiménez

Yo tengo el pelo muy fino y me afectan mucho los cambios de tiempo y los nervios, entonces se me cae mucho el pelo. Hace un año y medio, porque lo escuché por una amiga y empecé a probarlo, ahora estoy muy contenta porque no se me cae ni la mitad que antes, lo noto mucho mas grueso y la gente me dice que se me ve más volumen e incluso los claros que tenía ya no se me notan. Lo mejor es que lo estoy tomando y no noto ningún efecto secundario. Hasta se lo he recomendado a mi sobrino de 19 años que se le cae bastante y ya tiene una buenas entradas, ahora lo está utilizando el también y le va muy bien.

María Luisa Jiménez

35, Barcelona
Soledad Rodríguez

Llevo un par de meses utilizando VR6 porque llevaba tiempo notando una mayor caída del cabello y lo tenía debilitado, entonces descubrí los productos VR6 (pastillas y espuma) y me decidí a probar su eficacia. Ya estoy notando que el pelo está más sano, luminoso y fuerte, y eso que tengo el cabello poroso y castigado por los tintes. Espero que mi experiencia sirva para ayudar a muchas personas porque lo recomiendo 100%.

Soledad Rodríguez

42, Almería
Mari Ángeles López

Estoy tomando las pastillas desde hace un año y medio o más, las tomo durante 6 meses y descanso uno. Me lo recomendó la peluquera donde voy a cortarme el pelo porque se me caía muco. Me metí en internet para informarme y lo pedí a través de la pa´gina web. Yo tenía muy sensible el cuero cabelludo y cuano la peluquera me pasaba la navaja para perfilar me dolía… desde que empecé a tomar las pastillas ya no me duele, ni me molesta, me veo el pelo con más volumen, brillo, más cantidad, me ha crecido mucho y ya no se me cae, bueno, se me cae lo normal. Me va muy bien y no quiero cambiar por nada!

Mari Ángeles López

46, Terrassa
Chelo Cainzos Beceiro

I've been using the capsules for 3 years, I started because my hair was falling off a lot, like tons of it, crazy, I even tried a treatment from the hair salon but it didn't do anything. I went to the doctor, he did some tests and he prescribed me a lotion that told me that was stronger than he could give me and did not make me anything... I took pills in health food stores and I do not do anything ... I heard the radio ad VR6 and I decided to try it ... put it in the box until three months have no effect and a month began to notice that did not fall both in the salon and told me that I was growing a lot ... and since I did not leave . It 's recommended to my sister who has little hair and finite and she began to take them without telling anyone ... after a while the barber told him if he was throwing something on the hair because he looked stronger ...

Chelo Cainzos Beceiro

49, La Coruña
Marta Prieto Alcázar

I've been using for three months anticaída shampoo because my hair fell a lot and has done very well , the VR6 products are great . From the moment I started using it I noticed the different hair because I did not fall much and began to have more life and shine. Until I stopped using it because it allowed me to fall.

Marta Prieto Alcázar

34, Sevilla
Anabel Martín

I have multiple sclerosis and took a pill, one of the side effects of treatment is hair loss. In June, the doctor and told me that I could fall and started falling a bit but at the end of the year the thing was over and I liked him a lot, so I decided to buy the capsules VR6 and now begin to notice that I like him much less, as well as I begin to see little hairs that are growing new-and that it only took three months taking VR6 Definitive Hair!

Anabel Martín

34, Zaragoza
Isabel Garrido Terol

A while ago I took a blow on the head and in that area since I have less hair, I came out a clear or bald . only 15 days I'm taking treatment and already have begun to notice that my hair is coming out in that part ... it's amazing how in such a short time ago 'm feeling the effects

Isabel Garrido Terol

46, Murcia
Begoña Lagardera

I've been hearing a lot that is a good product that helps grow hair. Is what I heard fromfriends, I've read in magazines and even know people who have tried VR6 and see that they have the strongest hair, they are not falling much and have improved their image.Therefore I decided to try VR6, at the moment I’m testing with shampoo and now I will try with the mask I am convinced that will also give me good results.

Begoña Lagardera

47, Bilbao
Carol Roger

I took six months using capsules that touched me in a draw VR6 Facebook. I participated because I really liked the hair and then allowed me to fall, now I drop the least normal. I like it because I have not noticed side effects and have avoided significant falls of hair.

Carol Roger

41, Vigo
Aicha Ouchrif

I started with the pills stress my hair was falling out, I recommended it and I tried many products and not working, the first month started to find improvement and the second and the other more... the result has been very good, I am very happy...
I have recovered all hair...

Aicha Ouchrif

45, Lérida
Elena Baños

I was going through a rough patch with problems at work and noticed how my hair weakened and began to fall over the account. I went to my doctor and he told me that the capsules VR6 Definitive Hair gave very good results. I went on the website and was very well informed of all products. I was lucky to give away a treatment. A handball saint! I followed to the letter for 6 months and I can not be happier with the results: my hair has stopped falling out, I noticed born brighter and much stronger. I read that recommended a break of one month at the end of 6 months and I have my capsules targeted in the shopping list to take them back soon.
Thank you for everything....

Elena Baños

Itziar González

I am using the shampoo for about three months ago and has improved a lot my hair I drop much less catch him and I notice he has more strength. Before I liked it a lot and when I lost a lot of hair combed, I now falls very little. Now it is testing my mother also because it has started to lose hair entries. I met VR6 by Facebook, I decided to try it and now I am very happy with the results.

Itziar González

39, Orense
Itziar González

My problem is that I have a lot of hair but with dandruff and very fatty, hair products normally greased me more and I shine disappears. I started using five months ago shampoo and then tried the mask and I'm checking that no longer leaves me dandruff and my hair is very bright and hydrated, I looks good ... I am very happy and even use it with my daughter who has hair frizzy and dry and she also is doing great!.

Cristina Perujo Melgar

43, Santa Pola, Alicante
Itziar González

I took the pills and I used the foam for three months and the hair I notice that I like much less, brighter, less frizzy. I'm super happy because it has stopped falling and I notice it more beautiful.

Noelya de la Paz

43, Madrid